Looking to experience the Thai traditional way of getting tattooed by some of the best Bamboo tattoo artists Thailand has to offer? Look no further, here at bloodline tattoo we offer this very service using selected professional artists. We hand make each new bamboo stick right before your eyes, there is no reusing these pieces, each one is disposed and another will be remade. The bamboo is gently hand poked with precision into the skin leaving it undamaged which allows for the rapid healing. The bamboo tattoo originated with in the Buddhist community when tattooing “Sak yant” tattoos (sacred tattoo) which monks would receive in belief it would bring protection, faith, and good health to the being.

A big thing we get questioned is does it hurt? We can say much less than that of a machine tattoo, most customers have said it is actually quite enjoyable and even meditational in a way. As mentioned earlier the rapid healing due to the needle being gently poked under the skin leaving no trauma makes for bamboo being perfect for those who want to enjoy everyday activities or vacationing (Swimming, sun, etc.). Taking only a couple days of heal time at most, as opposed to the general 2 weeks needed for tattoo machine work. This is a perfect way to truely bring a little bit of Thailand home with you.