Hygiene is Paramount

Ensuring our clients’ have a safe, enjoyable and world class experience is of the greatest importance to us here at Tattoo Studio Bali. Having established ourselves as the most superior provider of tattoos in Indonesia, we are committed to providing the absolute highest quality of service and products. 

Operating under the strictest safety principles, we set our standards to align with the very same compliance regulations enforced at home in Australia. As such, we’ve ensured our management are tertiary qualified in Australian Work Health and Safety. Our hygiene processes and procedures specifically adhere to the current rules set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in Australia.

Our artists use the highest quality disposable tattoo equipment available. We are uncompromising on delivering world class tattoos using the most superior ink and equipment available. We are constantly engaging with global brands and undertaking product research to ensure we continually lead the industry in setting the highest standards possible. We guarantee the utmost quality across all aspects of our business, and refuse to take shortcuts at any time. Having established ourselves as the industry leader, we accept the responsibility this carries and pride ourselves on our commitment to our hygiene being at the same standard as our tattoos: world class.

Setting the industry standards means it’s important we also maintain a focus on continually learning ways we can improve. We have our own workplace trainer and assessor, qualified under the relevant Australian Legislative Regulatory requirements, who ensures our entire team is suitably trained in the most updated and accepted practices and standards, maintaining a highly sterile workplace environment at all times, without exception.

Safe, Sterile Environment

Our customers are the most important part to our business. We treat each person like they’re the newest member of our extended Bloodline family. We know the most important part of any relationship is trust—especially when it comes to getting a tattoo. Regardless of the tattoo size, it is our absolute priority to assure each customer that our staff will do everything possible to optimise their experience. Your Bloodline tattoo is a memory to treasure for life, and we acknowledge the importance of this, from start to finish.

We have staff employed purely to ensure all workstations, equipment, furniture and people are disinfected at all times. Bloodline Tattoo is a pioneer in sterile environments, setting international standards with a tireless commitment to creating a safe, sterile and comfortable environment for all customers at all times. All equipment is completely disinfected, even items used outside of the disposable needles and grips.

Covering all equipment with plastic wrap to further negate any possible risk of contamination is a process that we undertake every single time a new customer enters the work area, even just for stencilling and design.

Our world class tattoo artists are all inducted and trained to follow the very same processes and standards, and work collectively with our hygiene managers to reinforce our Bloodline Tattoo standards.

The very basic standard operating procedures include: never reusing any needle, ink, or any other equipment; always undertaking an immediate completion process, which includes the safe removal and destruction of all items used; complete pack down of work stations; and complete re-pack with all new disposable equipment.

Hygiene Standards and Best Practices

For a snapshot overview into the most common standards undertaken daily as part of Bloodline Tattoo Studio standard operating procedures, the following provides a brief summary that each customer can expect:

  • All disposable needles – tubes, grips, and inks (opened at commencement of tattoo)
  • All equipment is protected by plastic wrapping and immediately replaced after each session
  • All furniture is wrapped with protective plastic sheeting and immediately replaced after each session
  • All staff, artists and managers thoroughly clean and disinfect hands using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, followed by use of new and unused protective gloves before and after each session
  • All areas are thoroughly cleaned by designated cleaning staff at the beginning of each day, end of each day and between each customer daily, to ensure no contamination is possible


After Getting a Tattoo

We treat the aftercare of any tattoo as equally important to any other part of the tattoo process. Coming to Bloodline Tattoo Bali means you have chosen to have state of the art work carried out, so ensuring the permanent feature on your body remains at the highest quality is a critical element in the journey.

Our staff are experts in the quality care needed to guarantee your own personal art lasts a lifetime. While customers often ask questions along the way, as part of our service process, our artists allocate time at the completion of the final session to providing simple but detailed instructions on how to best care for the customer’s new tattoo. Ultimately, we understand the quality of care will fall onto the holder of the tattoo. However, we are dedicated to providing the best quality advice, instructions and aftercare products to ensure it is a smooth ending to a wonderful experience.

We identify the number one concern during the healing process—avoiding possibility of infection—taking the time to discuss areas of high risk and common oversights of any unsanitary practices.

Additionally, we discuss moisture and the impact it can have on new tattoos, the differences between grey wash and colours, and how to avoid common oversights that result in ink falling out, or loss of tattoo quality. These are the elements that have significant impact on the lifespan of a tattoo and our staff are expertly trained in the best practises to do ensure the best possible results.

Our staff will ensure the new tattoo is wrapped and covered correctly on the completion of each session, with the average time for a tattoo to heal being approximately 5-10 days. The cleaning regime, moisturising routine and the do’s and don’t’s of how to best treat the tattoo during the aftercare and healing will be carefully explained and, as with all our Bloodline Tattoo family members, we are only ever a phone call, email or text message away to provide any ongoing assistance.

A summary of common things to avoid are outlined below:

  • Do not use bars of soap to clean your tattoo
  • Do not wash your tattoo using a washcloth, scrub brush, sponges or abrasive items
  • Only ever pat dry a new tattoo when drying yourself
  • Do not sunbathe or expose the new tattoo to sunlight
  • Do not swim in chlorinated water (swimming pool or hot tubs)

Important things to remember to do

Applying a good moisturising cream several times a day can assist significantly in the healing process. Moisturising promotes blood flow to tattooed skin area, helping it to further improve, rejuvenate and heal the tattooed area.

However, if too much moisturiser is applied to a fresh tattoo, it can have a detrimental affect by blocking and clogging the skin’s pores. This can lead to unnecessary sweating of the tattooed area and obstruct the wound from drying out, leading to possible infection of the area.

Any moisturising or healing cream should be used as directed by the tattoo artist or Bloodline Tattoo staff, ensuring a smooth cycle of moisturising and drying out take place as part of a healthy aftercare routine.

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