Mandala Tattoos

The popularity of Mandala Tattoo Designs in Bali is steadily increasing, with each artwork holding its own unique significance based on the individual’s beliefs, often encompassing themes like balance, perfection, and eternity. 

Rooted in Buddhism, the Mandala tattoo typically features the Lotus flower as a central symbol, representing wealth, creativity, and beauty in Western cultures. Some individuals may choose to incorporate additional elements like a Snake, symbolising Kundalini energy or a Butterfly to heighten the spiritual essence of the tattoo. 

Thanks to their geometric patterns, Mandala tattoos offer various placement options, but they are often best suited for flat areas such as the chest or back for men, and the thigh, shoulder, or forearm for women. These intricate designs can also be skillfully placed on or behind the earlobe, allowing for endless creative possibilities. 

For inspiration, take a moment to explore the impressive portfolio of Mandala tattoo designs crafted by the talented artists at Bloodline Tattoo, renowned as one of the most prestigious tattoo studios in Bali. 

Mandalas truly shine when expertly positioned and inked. Fortunately, our studio boasts some of the finest artists in town, and indeed, in all of Thailand, especially skilled in creating these mesmerising artworks. Scroll down to view the captivating photos below and discover more about Bloodline Tattoo, showcasing why we proudly hold the title of the best tattoo studio in the entire country. 

At Bloodline Tattoo Bali, we offer you the choice between tattoo gun or traditional bamboo techniques, providing unique opportunities that are hard to come by in other establishments. Whether you prefer the precision of the gun or the traditional allure of the bamboo, we guarantee that each Mandala will be executed to perfection, every single time. 

Choose Bloodline Tattoo Bali, where artistic excellence meets personalised expression, to bring your Mandala tattoo vision to life. 


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