Colour Tattoos

Recognised as the premier Tattoo Studio in Bali, at Bloodline Tattoo, our artists possess exceptional talent and skill when it comes to crafting and creating vibrant colour tattoos. 

The vividness of colour tattoos lends itself beautifully to various designs, including floral patterns, aquatic and jungle-themed artwork, as well as portraits of loved ones or renowned TV and film characters like The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot from the critically acclaimed Suicide Squad film series. 

Intended to make a bold statement, Colour Tattoo Designs in Bali often span across the back, shoulders, forearms, and legs, or can be integrated into a cohesive whole-body piece, depending on individual preferences. They also offer the flexibility to create smaller designs that hold personal significance for the wearer. 

For inspiration on your own colour tattoo, take a glimpse at the portfolio created by our team of award-winning tattoo artists. 

At Bloodline Tattoo, we offer you the choice between a modern tattoo gun or the traditional bamboo technique, providing unique opportunities not easily found elsewhere. 

Whether you desire to complete your colour tattoo in one sitting or prefer to spread it over a few days, we cater to your preferences. After all, the decision is entirely yours – just as it should be. Rest assured, our tattoo parlour adheres to Australian standards, ensuring a professional, clean, and unparalleled environment for your dream ink. 


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